Silicon Interfaces® request you to register for a Presentation + Demo (PreDemo) online on Portability & Vertical/Lateral Reuse of Single Test Intent using PSS/DSL

Why should I attend ?

From the United States to Japan, the word is out that to avoid multi spins functional simulation is not enough, especially to integrate Test Bench from IP to sub-system and then to SOC and laterally as well to undertake Portability & Vertical/Lateral Reuse of Single Test Intent Test Bench.

Portable Stimulus Standards (PSS) and Domain Specific Language (DSL) are Accellera┬« standards for Portability & Vertical/Lateral Reuse of Single Test Intent, graph based and declarative environment for scenarios with concurrent, schedule and sequential processing for platform independence. It is used extensively by Intel®, AMD®, Synopsys®, Cadence®, Siemens®, AMIQ® etc especially for Test Realization in SystemVerilog and C and enhancing scenarios with parallel & schedule activity, Data Flow Objects, User-defined data types and Coverage features.

Who should attend?

If you are a Design/Verification Engineer Professional working in IP integration with ASIC and SOC and interested in leveraging your test benches across platforms (like Emulation) then you will benefit with a step-by-step walk thru (with PCIe Phy as an example DUT) on how Portable Stimulus is changing the verification environment.

What are the details of the program?

The Presentation will walk you through Concepts, Scenario, Test Realization and UVM Integration and deep dive into Library development as well as resolution of Security and multi-Core bottlenecks

The discussions shall entail

  1. Top level overview of PCIe Phy DUT/TB
  2. Reuse
  3. 3 Axis of Portability
  4. Declarative Language
  5. Graphs
  6. Concurrent/Parallel Scenarios
  7. Atomic Actions and Exec Statement
  8. UVM Sequence Item hooks
  9. Test Realization
  10. Integration to sub-system

Key takeaways from the Presentation and Demo.

Underlying thoughts are that a presentation and slides do not necessarily convey the information and an interactive practical walk-thru demo will implant knowledge more effectively. Also, the demonstration illustrates the service skills required and displays the capability matrix as well as the features of the EDA Product used for PSS/DSL Compile & Solve. So, if you need a partner in your path to Portable Stimulus verification you will access to resources and tools under the same roof.